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By many, underwater welding today is seen as a lucrative and an in demand career in Attica KS 67009. Stories about the benefits and the high paycheck that our profession can come with are heard all around. What quite few people in Attica KS 67009 fail understand is that to become well-known and respected in your business takes quite an effort. Underwater welding is a dangerous profession and because of this the requirements needed are high.

Risks with Underwater Welding

There are quite a few risks and dangerous with welding underwater that people in Attica KS 67009 should know about. One of the main risks is of course the use of electricity in water. We all know from an early age that this isn’t a perfect environment. High depths and pressures make the environment a dangerous place but also the marine life can put you to risks.

Dry Welding and Wet Welding

There are two types of underwater welding, dry welding and wet welding. In wet welding you are directly exposed to the water surrounding you. You use all the necessary equipment a certified diver would have and the welding itself is done in direct contact with water. This is the fastest and by far the cheapest method to do various repairs and therefore is used often when the welds don’t have to be of the highest quality, or when other methods isn’t possible.

With dry welding a chamber is surrounding the area that is supposed to get welded. After the chamber is attached around the area, all water is pumped out and it’s filled up with gas. The welder is then welding in a complete dry environment below the surface. This method is preferred when quality is really important. It comes with a backside and that is of course the price to make and set up the chamber.

How to become an underwater welder in Attica KS 67009?

To be able to get any kind of job with underwater welding you need to be certified both as a welder and as a commercial diver. A regular scuba diving certificate is not enough as the safety regulations that you learn as a commercial diver is needed. There are a few schools that can train you to become a fully certified underwater welder from scratch.

Salary as an underwater welder.

Often the reason why underwater welding is talked about is the pay checks, even more often people in Attica KS 67009 do not know what lies behind those high pay rates. As mentioned dangers are a big factors, for all industries big risks comes with big rewards. Another factor is how well known you are in the industry. As a new certified underwater welder you won’t earn more than any other job. High paychecks come with knowledge and training. And of course since underwater welder is mostly paid on a project basis the more projects you run the more money you make.

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